Erica Jackson

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Technical Projects

Agency Wide Hardware and Operating System upgrade

Mobile Device Management upgrade and Mobile Device Upgrade

Developing Scope
Coordinating the change request for the configuration Item (CI) using ITIL - New Server VM, Installation of the BES software, allowing network port communication, and ensuring security compliancy. 

Testing configuration process with mobile device and ensure configuration security polices are applied. 

Creating migration plan from current mobile device to the upgrade device. WBS for all activities per resource  

Ordering mobile devices, cases and protective screens for all users and ensuring asset tags are on the devices

Scheduling the Execution of all tasks. 

Successfully migration each agency users with a mobile device using the upgrade MDM with the configuration\security polices applied. 

Mitigating risk 

Replacing all EU workstations, Upgrade to WIN 10, and Whitelisting all Software.